When it comes to a divorce, California is what's known as a "No Fault" state. In other words, you don't need to prove your spouse is at fault in order to file for divorce. Put simply, the courts in California don't care about the reasons why you are getting divorced. You have the absolute right to file for divorce. The primary legal grounds cited for divorce in California is "irreconcilable differences." This is just a fancy way of saying "I want out of this miserable marriage."


After Divorce Attorney Zavala personally meets with you and gathers specific information about your situation and your goals, the next step in the process is the "Filing of Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (aka Petition for Divorce)." The Petition for Divorce can be filed in any court in Los Angeles County. If you file the petition first, you are known as the Petitioner. However, if your spouse filed for divorce first and served you with legal papers, then the next step is to file an "Answer" to the Petition for Divorce.


Once a Petition for Divorce has been filed by either spouse, then you are permitted by law to move anywhere you wish, even out of state. However, you can not take your children out of state without the written consent of your spouse. Moving your children out of state after a Petition for Divorce has been filed, unless approved by a court order, is a felony crime of kidnapping. Any spouse may move the children within the state pending a court custody order, as long as you permit the other spouse to see the children.


How Long Will Divorce Take? A few months at least. The more cooperation among the parties, the faster your divorce will be. Divorce Lawyer Zavala is a strong believer in encouraging cooperation and fairness from both sides. A divorce is not about getting even with your spouse. Rather, a divorce should be viewed as an opportunity to get a new start on life by allowing the divorce to be as painless and inexpensive as possible.

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